Epictetus III is a Federation colony world. (TNG novel: A Fury Scorned)


Prior to resettlement, another humanoid race lived here. They were highly advanced but abruptly disappeared.

The world was resettled by the Federation about 150 years prior to Stardate 46300.6.

Epictetus became unstable due to the failure of a stabilization device placed within the star by the previous inhabitants. The engineers of the USS Enterprise were able to save that world from the nova of that star by drawing power from the star through the device to open a wormhole along the orbital path of the planet, moving it to orbit a star about 14 light-years distant.

Approx 250,000 people died from the resultant geological upheavals caused by passing through the wormhole. A slice of the plant was also severed by a fluctuation in the mouth of the wormhole and remained behind.

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