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Epsilon Aurigae (also known as Maaz or 7 Aurigae) is a star system, a binary star in Federation space in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. Maaz is orbited by a planetary system that includes the world Maaz II. The Maaz system is visible from Earth in the Sol system, 2,000 light-years distant, as part of Human history's Auriga constellation. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

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Stars, systems and objects of the Auriga constellation
4 Aurigae (Omega Aurigae)7 Aurigae (Epsilon Aurigae, Maaz)8 Aurigae (Sadatoni, Zeta Aurigae)13 Aurigae (Alpha Aurigae, Capella)33 Aurigae (Delta Aurigae, Prijipati)34 Aurigae (Beta Aurigae, Menkalinan)56 Aurigae (Psi-5 Aurigae, Pyrellia)329 AurigaeAlpha Aurigae (13 Aurigae, Capella)Beta Aurigae (34 Aurigae, Menkalinan)Capella (13 Aurigae, Alpha Aurigae)Gamma Aurigae (aka Beta Tauri, El Nath)Delta Aurigae (33 Aurigae, Prijipati)Epsilon Aurigae (7 Aurigae, Maaz)Menkalinan (34 Aurigae, Beta Aurigae)Omega Aurigae (4 Aurigae)Perseus sector (Megara system/329 Aurigae) • Prijipati (33 Aurigae, Delta Aurigae)Psi Aurigae (Psi-5 Aurigae/56 Aurigae/Pyrellia) • Sadatoni (8 Aurigae, Zeta Aurigae)

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