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Epsilon Scorpii on a Beta Quadrant star chart.

Epsilon Scorpii (also known as Wei or 26 Scorpii) is a binary star system (both components belonging to spectral class K), located about 20 parsecs (65 light-years) from Earth in the Beta Quadrant, where it is visible in the constellation of Scorpius. Last contact with survey vessel USS Ariel was received in the vicinity of Epsilon Scorpii when that ship went missing in the late 2260s. (ST reference: Star Charts; TAS - Star Trek Logs novelization: The Eye of the Beholder)

The novelization, as well as Star Charts depicted Epsilon Scorpii's names and little else about it, but since it is a "real" star, modern scientists know a few things about its makeup that weren't in its Star Trek mention. Neither real observations nor the Chronology info has specified whether or not there is a planetary system associated with this body.
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