The Era of Good Feeling was a period of Orion history, from 7825 BCE to 1508 BCE (reference stardates −98/25 to −35/08).

The Bema revolt and the martyrdom of Julin Hyrax the Brave in October 7822 BCE (stardate −98/2210) marked an apparent change in Orion behavior, as seen by the signatories of the Treaty of Kammzdast that governed Orion slavery, with not another revolt for 5700 years. This began what was known as the Era of Good Feeling, in which the Orions worked hard to build themselves an utterly false reputation as loyal, honest and trustworthy slaves. With this, the Orions earned the rights to own their own enclaves and business and to officially serve on alien starships.

The Era of Good Feeling ended with the Orion Dawn, the theft of alien starships and the rise of Orion piracy (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge).

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