For other uses, see Erebus.

Erebus was a mythological place in the Romulan belief system, part of their afterlife roughly analogous to the human concept of hell. Images of fire and a dark abyss were associated with Erebus, and phrases like "Damn you to Erebus" or "See you in Erebus" were common Romulan epithets (as translated into Federation Standard). (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novel: Epiphany; TTN novel: Taking Wing)

Paradoxically, the Halls of Erebus were looked on favorably by Romulans and Remans alike. Romulan belief in Erebus may have been inspired by the ancient Vulcan myths of the Treasury of Erebus. (TTN novel: Taking Wing; TOS - Vulcan's Soul novel: Exodus)

Another term for Erebus may be Areinnye in the Rihannsu language.
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