Erelya Fhret was a member of the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau (CIB) from around 2375 to 2385. She had been a member of CIB since the early days of reconstruction after the Dominion War, and was a close friend of Arati Mhevet in the capital City Constabulary.

She attempted to warn Mhevet of the changing tides on Cardassia Prime, telling her that people seen to be close to the Federation were going to be pushed out by more nationalistic forces in the government and civil service. She offered to Mhevet that they should become private detectives together.

Later, when attempting to protect Esla, a Cardassian girl who had witnessed the murder of Aleyni Cam, Mhevet used Fhret to get to East Torr and the apparent safe house of Mhevet's friends Coranis and Irian.

Later, when Reta Kalanis became head of the CIB, she intended to elevate Fhret and use her much like she had Mhevet in the Constabulary. (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)

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