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Doctor Eric Cooper was a human male, and a member of the Federation Science Council active during the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


In 2409 Dr. Cooper was assigned to a Federation field team covertly studying the Borg nanovirus on the assimilated planet Kessik IV. The team was discovered by the Collective and had to be extracted by a starship, but not before Cooper led an away team to steal data from a Borg installation. (STO mission: "A Gathering Darkness")

Later that year he was assigned to the USS Venture during an expedition into fluidic space led by Rear Admiral Tuvok and the USS Voyager. During this mission the Venture was attacked by the Borg and the Undine in succession and destroyed. Cooper was replaced with a shapeshifted Undine and presumed killed. (STO mission: "Fluid Dynamics")



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Dr. Cooper is voiced by Dave Rivas in Star Trek Online. Rivas also voiced Colonel Hakeev and Captain Va'Kel Shon.

The exact point of Dr. Cooper's replacement by an Undine is not directly stated, but is very strongly implied by his scripted lines after the Venture's destruction in "Fluid Dynamics" to have taken place at that point.

An unnamed NPC bearing a strong resemblance to Cooper appeared on Risa during the 2014 summer event, but this is probably either coincidental or a joke on Cryptic Studios' part.


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