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A member of the Undine species impersonated the human Dr. Eric Cooper for a brief period in late 2409. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


During an expedition into fluidic space in 2409 led by Rear Admiral Tuvok, the original Dr. Cooper was assigned to the USS Venture. The Venture came under attack by first the Borg, then the Undine, and was destroyed. Cooper was replaced by an Undine who took his place in an escape pod and presumed killed, and the fake Cooper was collected by the other ships in the expedition. (STO mission: "Fluid Dynamics")

The rationale for placing the original Cooper's replacement at this point is a line by Cooper when his escape pod is picked up by the player character. He states that the Undine attackers "were so strong, and we were so weak", in clear reference to the Undine war cry "The weak will perish!"

The fake Cooper took part in the disastrous attempt to activate the Iconian gateway in the ruins underneath New Romulus later that year. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")

By the time of the conflict in the Solanae Dyson sphere against the Voth, the Cooper Undine had begun using his telepathic abilities to beguile Tuvok. Later it became trapped with Tuvok aboard a space station near the Dyson sphere's star and was rescued by a Dyson Joint Command captain. While aboard USS Dyson afterwards, it attacked Tuvok and escaped the vessel to an Undine bioship. (STO mission: "A Step Between Stars")

In 2410 the Cooper Undine mentally attacked Tuvok during the Undine invasion of the Sol system. Tuvok was able to turn the tables and discovered that the Sol attack was a diversion and the true target was Qo'noS. (STO mission: "Surface Tension")

The Cooper Undine mentally attacked Tuvok again in the Delta Quadrant, but Tuvok and another captain fought him off in a mind meld and confronted him aboard his command bioship. Tuvok convinced the ship, which was fully sapient, that by working together the "strong" survive. Cooper tried to deflect this but the bioship thought otherwise and destroyed him. (STO mission: "Mindscape")



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Like the original, the Cooper Undine is voiced by Dave Rivas, who also portrays Va'Kel Shon and Hakeev.

"A Step Between Stars" has a plot hole involving the Cooper Undine. In "Diplomatic Orders" the Sokketh Undine refuses to use a transporter because it will reveal him. However, no comment is made when the Cooper Undine is beamed aboard the Dyson.

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