Eric Crichlow was a 22nd century Human soldier. Crichlow was an Englishman, originally from Liverpool, and served as a member of the MACO contingent assigned to the Columbia (NX-02) by 2156.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Crichlow was aboard the Columbia when it suffered a crippling attack at the hands of the Romulans. Captain Erika Hernandez ordered the ship towards a Class M planet at impulse close to c, a decision some of the MACOs felt strongly against.

After the Columbia arrived at the planet later determined to be Erigol, Crichlow was one of the six MACOs that beamed down to survey the surface, and then was joined by the flight officer away team that made contact with the Caeliar, becoming permanent visitors due to their desire for complete isolation from the universe. When the MACOs decided to rebel and escape their imprisonment on Erigol, Crichlow and First Sergeant Gage Pembleton subdued first officer Veronica Fletcher.

Crichlow then was part of the team to travel to Mantilis and capture the Great Work apparatus, forcing the Caeliar there to reduce the scattering field, allowing Yacavino to contact the Columbia. Pembleton fired on Kiona Thayer, injuring her foot, and Private Steinhauer held a combat knife to her neck in order to ensure the cooperation of the Caeliar scientists. After Hernandez was freed and allowed to speak to her officers from the Quorum, she insisted that Pembleton, then Steinhauer, kill Thayer so that she did not suffer needlessly; eventually, he and the other MACOs stood down, and Mazzetti found a medkit to stanch her bleeding. However, the extragalactic feedback pulse that disrupted the Great Work caused the planet to explode; the city of Mantilis was able to escape, but millions of Caeliar sacrificed themselves to ensure that the six humans lived to crash land on a unknown planet thousands of years into their past. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

The humans put great efforts into survival, but declined the Caeliar's offer to infuse them with their catoms. Crichlow died of an infection little over a week after their arrival. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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