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This character is a member of the Stiles family.

Eric Stiles was a Human Starfleet officer in the 24th century.


As an ensign, Stiles was in command of a Starfleet Special Security Evacuation Squad in charge of evacuating the Federation Diplomatic envoys, including Ambassador Spock) from the planet PojjanPiraKot. During their escape, Ensign Stiles rammed his one-man ship into a Pojjan A/I and then crash landed into a mountain.

Incarcerated on PojjanPiraKot for four years, Eric Stiles was rescued by Doctor Leonard McCoy and returned to Federation space. Dr. McCoy offered him a Medical Discharge but he refused. For his self-sacrificing efforts in evacuating the Diplomatic Envoys, he was awarded the Federation Medal of Valor and given a retroactive promotion to Lieutenant.

Eleven years later, Lieutenant Commander Eric Stiles was in command of the CST (Combat Support Tender) USS Saskatoon, Starfleet Registry CST 2601. Along with several of his former Evac Squad-mates, Stiles trained young Starfleet officers and enlisted in starship duties and battle tactics without having to be in the battle fighting as the Saskatoon was a support vessel only, described as a mobile starbase.

When a virus infected the entire Romulan ruling family, Commander Stiles knew exactly where to find a non-infected member of the royal family. Stiles led the Saskatoon crew along with Ambassador Spock and Dr. McCoy back to PojjanPiraKot to find his former prison-mate and Romulan royal family member, Zevon. (ST - Double Helix novel: Red Sector)



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