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Escape Route is a Star Trek: Prodigy book, the third young reader novel in the series from Simon Spotlight (Simon & Schuster). Written by Cassandra Rose Clarke, this book was released on 1 August 2023. It is set during the events of the second half of the PRD episode: "Supernova".


Star Trek: Prodigy is a brand-new animated series streaming on Paramount+ and airing on Nickelodeon! Don't miss this thrilling, original middle grade novel starring the Protostar crew!
The crew is on their way to Starfleet. Their shuttle is cramped, and everyone is cranky. That's when Murf spots a moon that isn't on their charts. Murf really wants to go there, so the crew decides to make a stop to stretch their legs and get some supplies.
But a small detour turns into a big dilemma when the inhabitants of the moon ask Murf to stay with them. The rest of the crew begins to wonder if this is a sign. Could it be time for each of them to go their separate ways?

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AmkarjaGwyndalaMurfJankom PogDal R'ElRok-TahkYichirriZero
Referenced only
Kathryn Janeway (hologram)

Starships and vehicles[]

Referenced only
USS Protostar (Protostar-class)


Referenced only
EarthSan FranciscoYumen Sea

Races and cultures[]

AugmentBrikarianChakkaraMedusanMellanoid slime wormTellariteVau N'Akat
Referenced only

States and organizations[]


Other references[]

Allandian alloymetreon gasmulti-mittNilsundVerterium plasma




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