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* [[Bivander Zane]]
* [[Bivander Zane]]
* [[Vas Bredell]]
* [[Vas Bredell]]
* [[Antarian mankiller]]
[[Category:Space stations]]
[[Category:Space stations]]

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Espoir Station was a Federation space station near the Omega Maelstrom operating in the mid-23rd century.


Espoir Station was tasked with studying Gravity's End, the only known example of a proto-universe phenomenon.

In the late 2260s, the station was under the command of Doctor James Munroe, a native of New Texas on Earth. During his administration, he agreed to have Espoir become the headquarters of a superweapon project led by Ies Bredell, a Vardaine scientist who sought to use the enormous power of Gravity's End to destroy the Federation.

As a result of its involvement with Bredell's scheme, Espoir's weaponry was upgraded to include a modified tractor/overload beam; it also received a detachment of Vardaine offers in Bredell's service to maintain security on the station, including Menao Sheme. In addition to such on-site security measures, Elasi pirates in league with Bredell patrolled the space around Espoir.

Upon receiving a transmission originating from near Espoir from the time-traveling USS Alexander (Constitution class) warning of the Federation's destruction, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) traveled there to investigate. It's mission was successful in defeating Munroe and Bredell's scheme, and the station was subsequently returned to Federation control. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)


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