Estellan Angerich was a female Human who lived in the 24th century. In the 2370s, Angerich held the rank of Vice Admiral in Starfleet and had retired from active service to head Six Branch of Starfleet Intelligence. She was based in the Ansterra sector and, as she was retired, did not wear a Starfleet uniform, although she was still referred to by her rank.

In 2370, Angerich and Admiral Joachim Ledesma contacted Benjamin Sisko on the matter of the Helios. Angerich later asked Sisko for his opinions on the mission to capture the Helios and arrest its crew. Angerich agreed that the information on the Helios that Elim Garak gave to Julian Bashir was genuine and warned Sisko of the threat it posed to Deep Space 9. Angerich had monitored the activities of the Helios for some time. (DS9 novel: Proud Helios)

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