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Crewman Ethan Novakovich was a human assigned to the science division of the Enterprise (NX-01) in the 2150s.

Novakovich worked a variety of jobs before joining Starfleet: cook, waiter, bartender, student senator and fan club president. He left all those jobs relatively quickly. He has knowledge of physics, biology and some computer skills. (CCG set: The Enterprise Collection, card: "Ethan Novakovich")

Ethan following his transporter accident

In 2151, he was assigned to the Enterprise as it conducted humanity's first long-range exploratory mission. A few weeks into the voyage, Novakovich was assigned to Subcommander T'Pol's landing party to chart the surface of a newly-discovered Class M planet (later known as Archer IV). During the mission, Novakovich, Elizabeth Cutler and Charles Tucker III began experiencing hallucinations thanks to an airborne psychotropic compound. Thankfully, the party was transported back aboard the Enterprise, but a malfunction meant that Novakovich's pattern was fused with plant-life and sand caught in the matter stream. Thankfully, Doctor Phlox was able to remove the worst of the debris and predicted he would make a full recovery. He soon developed serious acne as his body found its own way to expel the sand from his body. (ENT episode: "Strange New World", ENT novel: By the Book)

A few weeks later, Novakovich was asked to join in a RPG game being run by Elizabeth Cutler, James Anderson, and Travis Mayweather. Novakovich agreed to join in to replace Ensign Hoshi Sato. (ENT novel: By the Book)

In 2152, Novakovich informed Phlox that T'Pol was under the influence of an alien hallucinogen. (ENT short story: "Insanity")

Novakovich was played by Henri Lubatti.
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