Eudana was a 24th century Sikarian woman. Living on Sikaris as a citizen of the Sikarian Canon, Eudana enjoyed exploring locations available as destinations to the Sikarian spatial trajector technology.

In the year 2371, the Federation starship USS Voyager was invited to Sikaris for shore leave by the Sikarian leader, Gathorel Labin. While the Starfleet crew was visiting, Eudana took a liking to Ensign Harry Kim, who approached her while she was working with an atmospheric sensor, which he had thought was a musical instrument. Eudana took Kim to Alastria using the trajector, one of her favorite planets to visit. Once Harry realized the true capabilities of the trajector device, he became fixated on the possibilities of applying it to rescue his ship, and the relationship with Eudana fell to the wayside. (VOY episode: "Prime Factors"; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Eudana was played by actress Yvonne Suhor.

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