Evasive Maneuvers are patterns of movements used by starship commanders to avoid weapons fire and other hostile actions. There are many predetermined maneuvers so that a commander can give a short command to enact sometimes complex movements.

List of evasive maneuvers[edit | edit source]

Evasive maneuver sigma-delta-one
Used by the USS Enterprise in 2254 while battling the Marrat brigand in defnece of Starbase 13. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")
Maneuver epsilon theta 3
Used by the USS Enterprise-D in 2370 in a battle with a hybrid drone ship in the Bandor system. (TNG comic: "Strategy")
Pattern beta 140
Voyager episode: Ex Post Facto
Pattern delta
TNG episode: Darmok; :TNG episode: Conundrum; DS9 episode: Emissary; DS9 episode: What You Leave Behind
Pattern delta four
Voyager episode: Maneuvers
Pattern delta five
DS9 episode: The Search
Pattern Picard delta omega
TNG - X-Men novel: Planet X
Pattern gamma
TNG episode: Yesterday's Enterprise
Pattern gamma six
DS9 episode: The Way of the Warrior
Pattern Kirk epsilon
TNG movie: Nemesis
Pattern omega
DS9 episode: "Sacrifice of Angels"
Pattern omega two
Voyager episode: Maneuvers
Pattern omega three
Voyager episode: Maneuvers
Pattern theta
DS9 episode: Tears of the Prophets
Sequence 010
TNG episode: The Mind's Eye
Picard alpha 
TNG comic: "The Dying of the Light"
Picard epsilon 
TNG comic: "A Handful of Dust"
Picard gamma 
TNG comic: "The Dying of the Light"
Picard omicron 
TNG comic: "Ceremony of Innocence"

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