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Captain Sulu becomes involved in the treachery of the Klingon criminal known as the Albino.


A vicious pirate known as the Albino is cutting a deadly swath across space, creating turmoil in the Klingon Empire that threatens to spill into the Federation. But this criminal also has a secret that could shake the halls of Imperial power, and his genocidal plans against the race that bore him will have consequences even he cannot imagine, as several unlikely allies join swords to bring the Albino to justice: Hikaru Sulu of the USS Excelsior; Klingon captains Kor, Koloth, and Kang; and a hotheaded young Federation diplomat named Curzon Dax. Tempered in the flames of their shared adversity, a captaincy is forged, a blood oath is sworn… and a hunt begins that will stretch from one generation to the next.


Hikaru Sulu, recently installed as first officer of the Excelsior, encounters a dying woman while on shore leave on Galdonterre, who tells him that someone is trying to disrupt peace talks between the Federation and the Klingons at Korvat colony, the same someone that infected her with a lethal biovirus. Feeling that his captain, Lawrence H. Styles, is not taking the matter seriously, Sulu contacts Sarek and pulls a few strings, getting the Excelsior assigned to escort the Federation delegation.

Despite their precautions, the conference is bombed, killing Styles and several others and injuring both Sarek and the Klingon ambassador Kamarag. Kor, Kang and Koloth, the three Klingon captains present at the conference, decide to pursue the culprit deeper into Klingon space. Sulu is refused permission to join them by both Starfleet Command and the High Council, so Curzon Dax - Sarek's deputy - accompanies them instead.

The culprit turns out to be Qagh, an albino Klingon and distant cousin of Kor's, who was abandoned to die at birth because of a number of defects. He was found and raised by two Orions, only to kill them and take control of their criminal organization. He has been raiding scientific outposts in both Federation and Klingon space, both for the gene therapies he needs to stay alive and for bioweapons, and fears an alliance between his two enemies.

Qagh briefly captures Kor, Kang, Koloth and Curzon and destroys Koloth's ship, the Gal'tagh, before taking refuge in the dangerous Qul Tuq system. Sulu disobeys orders and takes the Excelsior to assist, helping capture Qagh's ship. Sulu, Kor and Koloth pursue Qagh to the surface where Sulu defeats Qagh in a duel but he escapes thanks to the intervention of his followers. Starfleet attempt to court martial Sulu for his actions, but when Kamarag makes it clear such an action would end the peace talks Sulu is instead made captain of the Excelsior.

Some years later, a retrovirus - implanted in the three Klingons when they were held prisoner - causes their newborn sons to die. A similar attempt is made on the life of Sulu's daughter Demora, but she survives thanks to an inherited immunity to the Omega IV virus which is a key component of the retrovirus. The three Klingons and Curzon swear a blood oath to avenge the murders.

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