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For the Enterprise episode, please see Exile (episode)

The term exile means to be away from an individual's home, nation-state, or homeworld while being refused permission to return or being threatened with punishment for returning.

The Cardassian poet Iloja of Prim was exiled from the Cardassian Union at some point in his life, and spent at least part of his exile on Vulcan. (DS9 episode: "Destiny")

In the 2250s or 2260s, criminal scientist Zar led a bloody coup d'état on the planet Zentar. Zar was captured and exiled to a residence in a vast area of wilderness. He remained there until 2267, when he was able to leverage first contact with the starship USS Enterprise into a successful escape. (TOS comic: "The Void of Storms")

After returning to the Romulan Empire following her capture by the Federation, Liviana Charvanek was sentenced to exile despite the efforts of her aunt Ael t'Rllaillieu. Because she was also the niece of Emperor Shiarkiek she was exiled rather than being executed.

Following the withdrawal of the Cardassians from Bajor, every member of the Bajoran Cooperative Government was sentenced to exile in the Ilvian Proclamation. Secretary Kubus Oak attempted to return to Bajor in 2370, but was arrested by Chief Odo upon his arrival on Deep Space 9. Kubus was later given sanctuary on Bajor by then Vedek Winn Adami. (DS9 episode: "The Collaborator")

Exiled individuals[]

Elim GarakAlon GhemorTekeny GhemorNatima LangTavor KellErek RhemetTehrak
Napoléon BonapartePavel ChekovErika HernandezJames T. KirkCarol MarcusLeonard McCoyMarla McGiversDiego ReyesThomas RikerHoshi Sato (mirror)Montgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghHikaru SuluLeon TrotskyNyota UhuraJoaquin Weiss
Gorkon, son of ToqGralmekKamatoKasielKolKorghKozaraKrongTumek
Liviana CharvanekDonatraRuanekS'taskAel t'RllaillieuTaris
0Leonard James AkaarJason DukesEleenEnowilNelen ExilEztheneFirstGen Zero-ThreeKommandant GhudGorronIloja of PrimJ'OnnKandokKinchawnLecheb sh'MakeshGyero MinzaNazreneKubus OakOpaka SulanPengaRaya elMoraSatanShonaStevvinTarquinThurlTieranZarZarabethZungu

Exiled groups[]

Andorian Empire-in-ExileAngosian super-soldiers • AugmentsBajoran Occupational GovernmentCaeliarCult of the Pah-wraithsEeiauoanEtolanFuriesLukariNacene ExilesOrbis children • Pah-wraithsRaldul alignmentSon'aSynodTe-Vikram BrotherhoodXindi CouncilYhriZond


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