Exocomps were artificial intelligence technological lifeforms designed by the Doctor Farallon. After being used assisting Farallon, the exocomps learned and gained sentience.


The exocomp consisted of a micro-replicator, a boridium power converter and axionic chip network. This axionic network gave the exocomp formidable computational power. The micro-replicator not only created tools which the exocomp could use to solve problems but also created new circuit pathways in the exocomps memory when it performed new tasks. This mechanism gave the exocomp the ability to learn. The more tasks it had to perform, the more pathways were formed in its memory.

Problems to be solved could be entered through a command-pad, after which the exocomp decided what kind of tool it had to use and then replicated that tool.


The exocomps purpose were originally to at act maintenance servitors at the Particle Fountain Project, but due to the adaptive nature of their design, several of them evolved, gaining sentience.

In the year 2369, Dr. Farallon experienced several failures where the exocomps failed to complete their tasks to repair a plasma conduit.

Later it was revealed by Lieutenant Commander Data that the exocomps had failed their assignments intentionally as any attempts to repair the conduit would have resulted in termination.

When the particle fountain went critical, the exocomps played a critical role in saving the lives of Geordi and Picard. (TNG episode: "The Quality of Life")


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