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For other uses, see Explorer.

A Galaxy-class explorer, in service in the 24th century.

The term explorer, or exploration cruiser, is a starship classification that is applied to multi-purpose starships that are equipped to perform a variety of duties at the same time. Explorers are similar to heavy cruisers, as they are equipped with strong defenses, and are designed to perform long-duration and long-range missions. During wars, explorers are used as flagships for battle groups and fleets of ships. Explorers are the largest ships in Starfleet. The term explorer was synonymous with battleship in more militant fleets or in alternate timelines. Variants of the explorer classification are the, light explorer, the scientific explorer and the deep space explorer. (ST reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual; Decipher RPG modules: Narrator's Guide, Starships; ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2012, TNG comic: "Thin Ice")

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