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An explosive is a substance which under the right conditions has the capability of causing an explosion. Explosives can be used as weapons, with different quantities and types of explosive material used to achieve the desired level of damage.

Explosive substances

One type of explosive could be created by placing a power rod inside a cobalt container, this starts a reaction which after fifteen minutes generates a significant explosive force. James T. Kirk used this effect in 2266 to create an explosion in the power unit of a race of robots which was holding the USS Enterprise and crew captive. (TOS comic: "Life Form Nonexistent")

List of substances

Explosive weapons

There are numerous types of weapons which create an explosive effect; the most basic explosive weapons use a trigger to immediately detonate an explosive substance. Slightly more complex systems use trigger systems based on a timer or by detecting a change in the environment, more sophisticated weapons could track and trace their targets and had complex controls. For instance, in the 22nd century Earth Starfleet photonic torpedoes who be configured with an explosive yield Malcolm Reed described as being able to "knock the com array off a shuttlepod without scratching the hull, or put a three-kilometer crater into an asteroid." (ENT episode: "The Expanse")

Types of weapons to utilise explosive effects include bombs, charges, grenades, mines, missiles & torpedos.

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