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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) (fictional version)


Vandros VII

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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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Other references

Bridge (fictional version) • Bridge (animated series version) • DelusionalGreat Galaxies (expression) • ImaginationLanding partySecurity UnitStandard Operating ProceduresStar happyThank the nine spheres (expression) • Transporter room (fictional) • Why in the name of space (expression)



  • This was an extra story included in the New Visions Volume 2 collection
  • This story was a homage to the old Gold Key Star Trek comic series and the various inconsistencies there were between it and the television series such as the different appearances of such sets as the transporter room and the bridge as the artist was never shown any photos or depictions of the ones in the show, or the appearances of the characters. (Montgomery Scott now being a different looking blond haired male). The same goes for the dialogue in the comics with everyone address doctor McCoy as "Bones" such as Spock and Janice Rand and not just James T Kirk. There was also a lot of "Space slang" which also featured in this story despite that none of these expressions were actually used on the series. (they fitted more the tone of writing found in general science fiction comics and books at the time and were most likely used as the writers may believed that Star Trek was similar to those)
  • The final panel is a homage to the Star Trek Animated Series


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