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FASA Corporation was an American publishing company that was licensed to create the first Star Trek RPG in the mid 1980s, usually by Guy McLimore and Greg Pohlein.

The name "Fantasimulations Associates" appears in some products prior to 1986. When the company was formed in 1980, the acronym "FASA" came from an in-joke among its founders: the "Freedonian Air and Space Administration", but this was never used to represent the real-life company (it was used as an in-universe counterpart in some Traveller products). In 1981, when the company decided to expand beyond its Traveller license and develop its own products, a more professional-sounding "real name" ("Fantasimulations Associates") was invented. However, by 1986 it had become common enough for companies to be known only by initials or acronyms that this was dropped entirely and the company simply went by "FASA Corp."
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