The FMS Krannek, also known as The Krannek, was a Ferengi D'Kora-class marauder starship in Ferengi Alliance service in the 25th century. The ship belonged to the Ferengi trader Farek. In 2409, Farek had set up shop in the Gamma Quadrant after the FCA had revoked her license, ending her endeavors in the Bolarus sector. (STO mission: "Operation Gamma")

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During the occupation of Deep Space 9 by a rogue Jem'Hadar fleet, Starfleet and the KDF sent a small craft to meet with Farek. The Krannek was found in the Idran system, concealed inside a hollow asteroid and conducting repairs. In return for salvaging valuable resources from the system, Farek offered to establish contact with a Vorta. Once the repairs were done and the salvage onboard, Farek went to warp instead of honoring her part of the deal. However, The Krannek was quickly disabled outside the system by Jem'Hadar ships under the command of Eraun. Offered Starfleet/the KDF to accompany them to the Alpha Quadrant and asked for the destruction of The Krannek as a gesture of "friendship", punishing Farek for entering the Gamma Quadrant without the Dominion's permission. The Krannek was spared and returned to the Alpha Quadrant but Eraun accompanied the KDF/Starfleet vessel anyway in order to retrieve the Female Changeling. (STO mission: "Operation Gamma")

The decision whether to destroy The Krannek or not rests with the player. Each action is awarded with an accolade.

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