The FMS Krayvis was a Ferengi D'Kora-class marauder in service in the late 24th century. It was commanded by Daimon Praag.

In 2378, Praag was hired by the rogue Cardassian House Arterius to deliver illegal equipment for their military. The Krayvis picked up a shipment of a cloaking device near the Neutral Zone and travelled to the Maelstrom, avoiding all Federation patrols or sentry points along the way. The Krayvis then rendezvoused with two Cardassian ships, a Galor-class ship and a Keldon-class ship, at Serris II. However, the Galaxy-class USS Dauntless eavesdropped on the meeting between the Cardassians and Daimon Praag, and then after the Cardassians left, the Dauntless engaged and disabled the Krayvis. While Praag sent out a distress call to the Cardassians, hoping for help, when the Cardassians came back they instead attacked both the Dauntless and the Krayvis, attempting to destroy the evidence. As a result, after the Dauntless drove them away, Pragg willingly cooperated and explained everything he knew.

Later that year, the Krayvis was passing through the Voltair system with a cargo of lucasite ore when they were attacked by three Galor-class ships, whose crews did not respond to Praag's standard bribes. Fortunately for the Krayvis, the USS Sovereign (with the Dauntless crew in command) was patrolling the area and came to the Krayvis's assistance. Praag, while less than happy to see Commander Saffi Larsen again (who had interrogated him the first time), he did provide additional information about the attacks in the area. The Krayvis then continued on its way. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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