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From the back cover: Until the Dominion War, the pre-warp civilization on Coroticus III was under observation by the Federation -- and then the Dominion moved in. Forced to abandon the planet -- and leave a person behind -- Starfleet does not return until after the war is over and the Dominion has pulled out.

Carol Abramowitz and a team from the da Vinci must now determine the extent to which the Dominion contaminated Corotican culture -- but that's the least of the S.C.E.'s problems, as they uncover a mass-murderer, who may be the Starfleet officer left behind....



Carol Abramowitz (alias Carolabrama) • Domenica CorsiDyrvelkadaDavid GoldGöllerHj'ollaJarollekaTarsem JohalSheila MoseleyLauoc SaonSaed SquireFabian StevensT'MandraMichael TheivamanoharanUshpallarMakk VinxZophres
Referenced only 
111Julian BashirGus BradfordKen CaitanoLeonardo da VinciTed DeverickStephen DrewKieran DuffyBart FaulwellDiego FelicianoShewer FreemanJohn GillGyffledVance HawkinsIxardesJames T. KirkChan OkhaP8 BluePalmieriOwen ParisJean-Luc PicardKall PorakanNikolai RozhenkoSalekSolomanTaran'atarUxmen

Starships and vehicles[]

USS CrockettUSS da VinciUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-DHorizonUSS OgunUSS Valletta (Istanbul-class)


Ajjem-kuyrAvril StationBajorBaldakorBetazedBoraal IICholmondeley IIICoroticus IIIDeep Space 9Drema IVEarthEkosEuropeGalvan VIGrak StreetPraxisQrantish CoastRigel colonySachem IIShiraleaSigma Iotia IIStarbase 212M43 Alpha systemT'LakanaTenebVacca VIZeon

Races and cultures[]

Alpha CentaurianAndorianAztecBajoranBoraalanCoroticanEkosianFoundersGallamiteHenjiqiIotianKlingonJem'HadarMizarianNova RomanTellariteTiburonianVortaZeoni

States and organizations[]

Ajjem-kuyr AcademyCardassian UnionDominionFederation CouncilKlingon EmpireSiblingsStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Federation of PlanetsYakkle Gang

Other references[]

archaeologistAshpaBenecian flourblueberriesblueberry pieBreen neural whipChicago Mobs of the TwentiesClass Mdilithiumduck blindEMHElaysian tearfirst contactghISong HeytlhgomgomHodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary DevelopmentIDICjimjimjopkaketracel-whiteKlingon Civil Warkuilkamafiamamma mianational socialistEliot NessOmicronian orchidPalmieri HypothesisplastisteelPride and PrejudicePrime Directiveroast beefRosie's Barsheepstrawberriesthoron radiationtjib-reedtuilgpasweevajellVulcan lyreVwainleila



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