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The Fabrini were a humanoid species native to Fabrina. They were considered to be highly advanced, especially in the field of medicine.

The Fabrini are known to have investigated the ancient structures left behind by the Old Culture of Faramond. (TOS novel: Best Destiny)

Fabrini civilization dates back to around 8000 BC. (TNG novel: The Buried Age) Thousands of years ago, when they learned that their sun was about to supernova, they constructed a multi-generation ship named Yonada to take them to a new home light-years away. Over the centuries of travel, the Fabrini forgot that they were on a spaceship.

First contact between the Fabrini and the Federation was established in 2268 by Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. They helped them understand the true nature of their world and helped them reach their intended destination. (TOS episode: "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky", TOS novel: Ex Machina)

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