Jadzia performs the zhian'tara, a ritual that allows her to talk to the past hosts of Dax who temporarily inhabit the bodies of her closest friends.

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Julian BashirBroikAudrid DaxCurzon DaxEmony DaxJadzia DaxJoran DaxLela DaxTobin DaxTorias DaxKira NerysLeetaLonzoMornNogMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkRomBenjamin SiskoJake Sisko
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DaxPierre de FermatElim GarakJobelAndrew WilesKasidy Yates

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Deep Space 9 (habitat ringoperations centerPromenadeQuark'swardroom)
Referenced only 
Pelios StationTrillStarfleet AcademyEarth

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CardassianKlingonTrill symbiontYridian

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Bajoran MilitiaOrder of the GuardiansStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Starfleet AcademyTrill CouncilTrill Symbiosis Commission

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Alvanian cave slothcadetchiefcommanderdabodabo girlDelvan fluff pastryFermat's Last Theoremgovernmentgymnasticshairholosuitehomeworldhumanoidhostinitiatelanguagelatinumlifeformlegislatormartial artsmattermemorynation-state • "Old Man" • orbitOrder of the Guardianspantsplanetpsychologyquadrantraces and culturesrankroot beerrunaboutsociologyspacespatial orientationstarstar systemStarfleet Academy Preparatory ProgramStarfleet cadet uniformStarfleet rules, regulations and examsStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)symbiont pooltechnologytitletelepathytongotranyaTrill GuardianTrill languagezhian'tara

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