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A faction center was the temporary headquarter for governments and other organisations in the wake of the spatio-temporal reorganisation of local space by the temporal anomaly in the Quirinus system. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)


Soon after Shinzon's coup d'État on Romulus was thwarted in 2379, Starfleet dispatched a Constellation-class starship to investigate an anomaly in the Quirinus system. Because tensions with the Romulans were running high, the Federation vessel was accompanied by Tomalak and his D'deridex-class warbird. When the anomaly triggered, the astrography of the galactic plane was reorganised, and elements from other time periods emerged into this reality. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines mission: "Prologue")

With local space thrown into chaos, major states and organisations rallied around faction centers, each headed by a person. While the omnipotent being Q worked behind the scenes to restore the space-time continuum, Starfleet engaged in missions to support refugees and maintain political stability between factions. Faction centers allowed for trade, even with hostile factions. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines mission: "Prologue")

Some groups joined forces with factions and did not operate faction centers of their own. Kazon sects were employed as mercenaries by both the Ferengi Alliance and the Ferengi Traditionalists. The Caretaker and his Ocampa disciples established a base which did not act as faction center, lacking trade options. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)

Faction centers[]

faction emblem faction center location faction faction leader
Athos IV Athos system, Badlands Maquis Chakotay
Bajor B'hava'el system Third Republic of Bajor Vedek Winn Adami
Cardassia Prime Cardassia system Cardassian Union Klingon Dukat
Section 31 faction logo Cor Caroli Cor Caroli IX Section 31 Agent Luther Sloan
Dopteria Dopterius system Ferengi Traditionalists Grand Nagus Brunt
Earth Sol system Federation Commander Spock
Ferenginar Ferenginar system Ferengi Alliance Grand Nagus Rom
Qo'noS Klinzhai system Klingon Empire General Martok
Augment faction logo Regula Regula I Augments Wrathful Khan
Romulus Eisn system Romulan Star Empire Sela
Trillius Prime Trill Terran Empire Commander Spock (mirror)