The Falchion-class warbird was a class of dreadnought fielded by the Romulan Republican Force in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


In 2409 several Romulan Republic Falchion-class vessels were captured by the Tholian Assembly and taken to bases in the Azure Nebula. Allied forces effected a rescue. (STO mission: "Azure Nebula Rescue")

Several other Falchion-class warbirds were assigned to Dyson Joint Command to perform various patrol duties in the Solanae Dyson sphere. (ST video game: Star Trek Online [Season 8])

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The Falchion-class was a sister design of the Tulwar-class warbird, both of which were variants of the infamous Scimitar-class. The Falchion-class was more defensively oriented than its relatives and was fitted with redundant deflector shield systems and larger Bussard collectors. It possessed a standard Romulan cloaking device, and could be fitted with a thalaron generator, though this was not standard equipment.

Like its sister designs the Falchion-class was also a carrier and could deploy Scorpion-class fighters or telepresence drone ships to aid it in battle. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



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Of the three types of dreadnought warbird appearing in Star Trek Online the Falchion-class is the only one to appear in the hands of Republic NPCs. The RRF flagship RRW Lleiset initially appeared as a Falchion-class in "Sphere of Influence", and though she was later retconned to be a Tulwar-class by "Republic Day" her NPC version retains the abilities of the Falchion-class.


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