For the mirror universe counterpart, see Falkar (mirror).

Falkar of the House of Edins was a Danteri general in the 24th century. He was in command of the Danteri soldiers on Xenex during his people's occupation of that planet. In 2348, he had his men, including Lodec, beat Xenexian Gr'zy of Calhoun to death while his sons M'k'n'zy and D'ndai watched. (TNG novel: Double or Nothing)

Falkar led several campaigns during the Xenexian rebellion, but kept suffering defeat thanks to rebel leader M'k'n'zy. In 2353, he and the last of his troops, including his aide Delina, pursued M'k'n'zy through the Pit, but all except him fell victim to M'k'n'zy's traps. Falkar then attacked M'k'n'zy and slashed his face, but before he could deliver the killing blow he lost his sword in a storm, which M'k'n'zy used to stab him through the chest, killing him. (NF novel: House of Cards)

Falkar had a son, Ryjaan. (NF novel: End Game)

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