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The starship Titan continues on her outward voyage of discovery in this latest exciting novel.
Though the Federation still reels from Andor's political decision that will forever affect the Federation, Captain William T. Riker and the crew of the USS Titan are carrying out Starfleet's renewed commitment to deep space exploration. While continuing to search the Beta Quadrant's unknown expanses for an ancient civilization's long-lost quick-terraforming technology—a potential boon to many Borg-ravaged worlds across the Federation and beyond—Titan's science specialists encounter the planet Ta'ith, home to the remnant of a once-great society that may hold the very secrets they seek. But this quest also takes Titan perilously close to the deadly Vela Pulsar, the galaxy's most prolific source of lethal radiation, potentially jeopardizing both Titan and what remains of the Ta'ithan civilization.
Meanwhile, Riker finds himself on a collision course with the Federation Council and the Andorian government, both of which intend to deprive Titan of its Andorian crewmembers. And one of those Andorians—Lieutenant Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa—uncovers a terrible danger that has been hiding in plain sight for more than two centuries


Riker receives a message from Admiral de la Fuego informing him that all Titan's Andorian personnel are being reassigned to less sensitive posts. The USS Capitoline is being despatched to collect them. At the same time, the Titan is investigating the Vela Pulsar but their warp drive interacts with it and causes the magnetic shield protecting Ta'ith, an inhabited planet inside the pulsar, to begin rapidly destabilising.

On Ta'ith, the population are divided into two groups: the Preservationists who protect the machines and knowledge of their ancestors and the Deconstructors who see it as a blasphemy and want it destroyed. The Preservationist leader manages to awaken an artificial intelligence, Undercity Maintenance Module One One Six. Sensing the presence of the Titan and that Tuvok and the dormant White Blue have had recent contact with its creators Brahma-Shiva probe, One One Six initiates a three-way mind meld with them in order to recover the lost codes in their minds. Tuvok agrees in return for One One Six erasing all memory of Brahma-Shiva's operation from his mind.

While Vale takes a team to Ta'ith in the shuttlecraft Armstrong to try and reunite One One Six with the active machines, the Titan is visited by the Andorian ship Therin. Its commander, Zhrar, labels the Andorian crewmembers hostages and orders their return. Riker allows them to beam over to convince Zhrar they are on Titan of their own free will. On one visit, security officer Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa sees Zhrar is working with the Tholians. Zhrar tries to keep some of the Titan crew onboard by force but apparently departs empty-handed.

As combat breaks out between the two Ta'ithan factions, the Titan crew attempt to reunite One One Six with the ancient machinery but only succeeded because White Blue transfers his consciousness as well. Together, they work to repair the magnetic shield and manage to keep a corridor open to allow the Armstrong to depart safely.

Riker has the Andorian crewmembers renounce their Federation citizenship in order to protect them from Starfleet's directives. However, the Andorians are puzzled by gaps in their memories of their time on the Therin and the fact they appear to have been in two places at once. In fact, Zhrar and the Tholians managed to create transporter duplicates of them when they beamed over: One was returned to the Titan while the others remain prisoners aboard the Therin.



USS Titan personnel

Rogrenshraton ch'AgranaPava Ek'Noor sh'AqabaaBralikTorvig Bu-Kar-NguvSe'al Cethente QasTozherenshras th'ChesrathMordecai CrandallZurin DakalDennisarEviku nd'AshelefPeya FellTamen GibruchRanul KeruArtunkevisthan ch'Kul'tanKuu'iutAili LavenaAlyssa OgawaOnntaMelora PazlarQur QontalliumBowan RadowskiSariel RagerXin Ra-HavreiiShenti Yisec Eres ReeNatasha Riker-TroiWilliam T. RikerBirivallah zh'RuathainSecondGen White-BlueT'PelZhoriscayla zh'TlanekDeanna TroiTuvokChristine ValeAristherun zh'VezhdarReedesa WaenY'Lira Modan


Eid'dylFy'ahnGarymUndercity Maintenance Module 116Yrsil

IGW Shantherin th'Clane personnel

sh'AgriDranYanischuran ch'GarisKrasizhrar ch'HarnenHrabth'ShrorinRanishegarth zh'VhraneVras


Alita de la FuegoRoberta HolversonJenny
Referenced only
EliethPral glasch HaajK'chak'!'opIone KitainNoah PowellThomas RikerHuilan Sen’karaSurakSun TzuUzaveh


AndorBeta QuadrantGum NebulaMilky WayStarbase 185Ta'ith (Sacred Undercity) • Vela Pulsar
Referenced only
ChoblavDeltaDenevaEarth (Colorado RiverGrand Canyon) • Hekaras CorridorHranrarIzarJupiter StationMercurySolTitanUranus

Starships and vehicles

Armstrong (Type-11 shuttlecraft) • USS Capitoline (Vesta-class) • USS Enterprise (Sovereign-class) • IGW Shantherin th'ClaneUSS Titan (Luna-class)
Referenced only
Black PointUSS Enterprise-DUSS Hood

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Andorian EmpireAndorian Imperial GuardAndorian Imperial Intelligence BureauCouncil of the United Federation of PlanetsDeconstructorsJudge Advocate GeneralPreservationistsStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandTyphon PactUnited Federation of Planets

Ranks and titles

captainchief petty officercommandercrewmanensignlieutenantlieutenant commandersachemspecialistsubsachem

Other references

AndoriiDominion WargovernmentHeisenberg compensatorhumanoidKolinahrKumari (ice cutter)lifeformManarkian sand batnation-stateplanetpoliticsraces and culturesradiationrankscienceshandrushandru-shaanshayshashelthrethspaceSuus MahnatelepresenceterraformingThe Art of Wartitlewehkpukan'sai-vel


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The early solicitation cover featured the USS Enterprise-E. A later version released in May 2012 featured the USS Titan.




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