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Centuries: 30th century - 31st century - 32nd century - Far future

Events of the far future, long after the modern era.

The "modern era" of Star Trek currently runs until the end of the 32nd century, after that time period which is the setting for Discovery season 3.


4th millennium[]

  • 3267: Around this year, Captain James T. Kirk reckoned that Humanity would be able to prove that there is hope for themselves; based on a conversation he had with a Metron.[1]
  • 3270: The Enterprise is transported from 2266 to more than 1,000 years into the future by Palnak.[2]
  • 3374
  • 3500s:
  • c. 3774: According to Quarren, peace between the Kyrians and the Vaskans would not have been achieved until this time had The Doctor not shown the truth of their history.[7]
  • c. 3874: 1.500 years after the Enevians were saved from a magnetic storm, the Enevian Empire controlled the entirety of former Thallonian Empire space, including Haresh. Worlds and species were forced into servitude to the totalitarian regime.[8]
  • 4269: After placing the Constitution-class USS Enterprise in suspended animation, Flint remarked that he may release the ship in this year.[9]
  • 5307: The Crystalline Entity that had worked with Lore in the past had revived, and sought out Lore's brother B-4. B-4 was unwilling to support the homicidal brancher, so the entity destroyed him. At the Rock of Ages, it formed a pact with a renegade Horta and departed. The death of organic staff on the planet led the remaining Horta to vow to better protect the Federation citizens.[10]
  • c. 7154: The Organians believed in 2154 that they would re-encounter Humans around this time.[11]

Beyond 10.000[]

The Guardian of Forever.

  • 10141: A Borg sentient cube attacked the Gateway planet, destroying the Starfleet mind-ships in orbit. The Horta killed the Borg cube after its landing.[10]
  • 12250: A full-fledged Kelvan invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy was in effect as the Andromeda Galaxy becomes uninhabitable. [12]
  • 12265: By this year the Mega-Federation has been founded.[13]
  • 12267: According to Kor, the Federation-Klingon War of 2267 would decide the fate of the Milky Way Galaxy for the following ten thousand years.[14]
  • 12268: Radiation levels in the Andromeda Galaxy are expected to reach intolerably high levels, according to scientists of the Kelvan Empire.[15]
  • 13000: By this point, the Kelvans are driven back, and what remains of the extra-galactic race settles on a Class-M world in the Gamma Quadrant.
  • 17602:
  • 21000: A transporter malfunction sends Nyota Uhura forward to this year, into a rectangular construct floating in space near a star three solar systems from the Enterprise's location in the 23rd century.[16]
  • 22862: Armus escaped Vagra II and traveled to Forever World. His murder spree was stopped, with the sacrifice of numerous Horta, when he was plummeted towards the planet's core.[10]
  • 28397: Odo was ferried to Forever World by Vic Fontaine, to ask the Guardian of Forever to display the life of Kira Nerys. The Guardian complied with Odo's request.[10]
  • 36702:
    • The Elasians and the Troyians wiped each other out.
    • A Human held a speech at the Guardian of Forever to commemorate the Elasians' and Troyians' loss, exemplifying the maturity of the Mega-Federation not to resort to time travel to undo the self-inflicted tragedy.[10]
  • 44247:
    • Led by Humans, the Mega-Federation members removed boundaries.
    • They unplugged the intergalactic beam grid.
    • The Dyson transwarp-spheres were mothballed.
    • self-aware metatech was let loose.
    • V'Ger received upgrades from the Mega-Federation.
    • Humans were one the verge of evolving so they could join the Q Continuum.[10]
  • 52266: The Horta on Forever World entered mating season.[10]
  • 52267: The last Horta mother of her generation laid the eggs for the next generation.[10][17]

+ 500,000 years[]

  • The androids of planet Mudd are expected to cease functioning.[18]

+ 760,000 years[]

+ Two million years[]

  • An emerging star system, for whose formation Nella Daren attempted to construct a mathematical model during the 24th century, will complete its formation.[19]

+ 60-70 trillion years[]

  • According to the genetically-engineered Human Jack's predictions, the universe will collapse.[20]

Unspecified dates[]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow: The following content contains spoilers!
WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released episode Temporal Edict. Caution is advised.
History class
A history class at an unspecified point in the far future remembered notable figures of the late 24th century. The class covered the life of Brad Boimler, who was remembered as a rule-breaker who encouraged Starfleet crews to enjoy their "down time". His statue, posing with a plaque of The Boimler Effect and a Great Bird of the Galaxy, was shown to the class. The history teacher then announced the next topic, that the most important influential figure of their studies was Chief Miles O'Brien. (LD episode: "Temporal Edict")

Alternate realities[]

Following the scouring of Romulus in the mirror universe by a thalaron bomb in 2376, the surface of Romulus would become habitable after 950 years, in 3326.[21]
The USS Enterprise uses an alien gateway and is transported to this year of a parallel universe. The Earth, which was decimated by a nuclear war millennia earlier, is run by simians with humans being subservient and the Klingon Empire providing advanced weaponry to the Earth's rulers. [22][23]
c. 5259
In the Kelvin timeline, by this point, a life-size statue of Spock has been erected at the New Vulcan colony on Simon-316. He is honored and revered by Vulcans of the time. [24]
Over 1 billion years
According to Cosimo in an alternate 2372, a time stream could have sent Harry Kim to this time, had his attempt to restore history failed.[25]


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