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Nurse Faraday was a Human woman, a Starfleet medical officer (rank of ensign) serving aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s decade.

In the year 2367, Faraday was assigned to a medical relief away team bound for Beta Hydros IV aboard the Shuttlecraft Albert Einstein. Along with Commander Riker, Ensign Crusher and Doctor Selar, Faraday declined to play poker with the rest of the team. When Faraday and Selar compared their dislike of games, as Selar disliked games of luck like poker, Faraday related a belief, passed on from her grandmother, that nothing was more important than luck.

When a strange spatial rift dragged the shuttle in, Faraday was ordered by Dr. Selar to retrieve dimethradine for Commander Riker, who had sustained head injuries in the turbulence. When Lieutenant Worf took command and the shuttle was revealed to be trapped years' travel from the Federation, Faraday expressed concern to Selar that they might never find their way home. (TNG comic: "The Flight of the Albert Einstein")

As the shuttle set out across space to try and find civilization, Faraday had trouble sleeping. When Worf asked what was bothering her, Faraday expressed regrets at how her life turned out, to which Worf replied that her life was not yet over. Faraday expressed her fear at being stranded, and Worf replied that true courage was expressed as mastery of fear, rather than absence of fear, in a paraphrase of a Mark Twain quote his Human parents had taught him.

When the Einstein shuttle detected a large technological mass ahead in their course, Faraday was one of the first crewmembers to advocate making contact with what could be an extremely alien civilization (TNG comic: "Mourning Star")

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