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Lieutenant Farrell was a Human Starfleet officer serving as an engineer in the early 2370s.


Before the year 2370, Farrell had served on the same ships as former chief engineers of the starship USS Enterprise-D, Sarah MacDougal, Michael Argyle and Charles Logan at the times of their respective murders.

On stardate 47943.2, she transferred aboard the USS Thomas Paine, under the command of Captain Rixx, while that ship was undergoing an engine upgrade at Starbase 92. She gained a reputation as a model officer aboard ship.

By 2371, she had transferred aboard the Enterprise in order to try and save Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, the ship's current chief engineer, from being murdered as well. However, the killer, a mentally unstable human woman named Tana Santu who was trying to avenge her Zortai adoptive parents' honor, had also come on board, posing as special investigator Commander Regina Campisi, incriminating Farrell as the prime suspect in the previous murders. Farrell was on the scene in the holodeck when Santu made her move on La Forge, but the attempt was foiled by the ship's first officer, Commander William T. Riker, and chief of security, Lieutenant Worf, after Riker had seen through Santu's ruse during a previous conversation. After the situation was resolved, Farrell decided to stay on board the Enterprise. (TNG comic: "Suspect")

Later in the same year, Farrell analyzed the data from a tricorder found on a dead Romulan aboard the Amargosa Observatory. After Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge was released from captivity by the Duras sisters, Farrell asked if they could run some diagnostics on the port plasma relays, but the diagnostics were never initiated because the Enterprise was attacked by the sisters, who were monitoring the Enterprise shield frequency through a visual acuity transmitter in La Forge's VISOR. Farrell tried to make repairs to the damaged warp core, but was forced to evacuate Main Engineering after a coolant leak led to a warp core breach. While leaving the stardrive section, La Forge and Farrell found a group of children who had been separated from their parents and brought them to safety in the saucer section, protecting them during the rough landing on the surface of Veridian III. (TNG movie: Generations)



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