Farrendahl was a female member of an unnamed felinoid race that served on the independent Merchantman as a navigator.

As with all members of her race, she could walk or run on all fours if needed. She also had claws that could scratch paint and metal. Her race also performed ritual hunts and had traveled in the galaxy for a long time. Farrendahl's kind did not claim planets, they did not colonize, they did not take territory. They only explored, and hunted, and made their homes beyond the frontiers of space. Perhaps, to them, the exploration and the hunt were the same.

In 2285 Farrendahl had encountered Valkris in a corridor on the Merchantman. After Valkris was impressed with Farrendahl's observation skills, she presented Farrendahl with a gift of her prized dueling dagger and discreetly warned her to leave the ship. Farrendahl immediately woke up her friend Tran and headed to the Merchantman's scout. Farrendahl had the computer skills to write a computer security breaching program and used it to override the security features on the Merchantman that allowed them to escape unnoticed. (TOS novel: The Search for Spock)

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