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Farside Moonbase was an Earth outpost established on Luna in the 21st century.

History and specifics[]

On reference stardate 0/04, the facility began operations. Its specialization was in astro-telemetry, using massive radio telescopes for long-distance observation.

On reference stardate 0/05, Jules Ashworth was born there. He was the first Earth child born in space.

On reference stardate 0/29, radio telescopes at Farside Moonbase 2C detected the first extraterrestrial communications ever heard by Humans, intelligent signals coming from 15,000 light years away in the direction of Sagittarius. The transmission would not be deciphered until the advent of duotronics. (ST reference: Spaceflight Chronology)


  • Jules Ashworth
  • Rita Ashworth
  • Weldon Ashworth
  • Hans Hovendaal
  • Salvatore Marciano



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