Farx was a planet and the site of an Orion Colony that was obliterated by the Romulans.

First contact with the Romulans was made on reference stardate 0/1402.21, when an Orion pirate stumbled upon a fleet of unknown bird-like vessels in the midst of assaulting the Colony on Farx. With great skill and piloting, the pirate vessel fled under fire to raise the alarm, and Farx Colony was wiped out without a trace.

The massacre spread a great panic throughout the Colonies. Eleven more worlds near Romulan space were evacuated on colony ships; two of them were assaulted while the people fled, leading to a great loss of life. These regions were never resettled. (FASA RPG modules: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge, The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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