The Fazi were a humanoid race who lived on the northern continent of the planet


History and specifics

The Fazi were a highly ordered and structured society that built their cities equidistant from each other, and placed them in concentric circles around their land.

The Fazi language is also as strict as their lives, whereas most cultures have several words meaning the same, the Fazi only have one word to describe any one thing. The Fazi had also not developed games or music as creativity and sports have no definite outcome.

First contact

In the year 2151, the Fazi were contacted by the Earth starship Enterprise (NX-01), who requested to make first contact. Councilman Draa responded to their request, and Captain Jonathan Archer and a team from the Enterprise came down via shuttlepod to meet with Draa. However, Draa was not there to meet Archer, and the team had to find Draa to make the initial contact, however after a brief hello, Archer offended Draa by speaking out of term and the Fazi turned their back on him.

After returning to the Enterprise, Draa contacted Archer and apologized for expecting an alien culture to emulate the Fazi's controlled lifestyle. Contact seemed hopeful, until Archer asked about the other species on the southern continent. Draa claimed to not understand what Archer was talking about, and cut off communications. (ENT novel: By the Book)

Known individuals



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