The Federation-Klingon War of 2267 was a brief conflict fought between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire in 2267. It was the result of the tensions built up during the Federation-Klingon Cold War. Captain James T. Kirk and Spock fought against Kor, son of Rynar to secure the planet Organia, which occupied a strategic location. The war abruptly ended when the native Organians imposed a peace treaty on both sides. (TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy", TOS - Errand of Fury novels: Seeds of Rage, Demands of Honor, Sacrifices of War, TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

Before the war ended, the USS Intrepid fought the IKS Hakask at Regulus. The Klingons captured Captain Suvuk and subjected him to mind-sifter torture. Suvuk escaped, melted down the Hakask impulse drive, disabled their warp drive, downloaded their computer to logic-solids that he brought with him, and returned to the Intrepid in a Klingon shuttlecraft. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: My Enemy, My Ally)

Two Klingon battlecruisers destroyed a Starfleet hospital ship in the Kalinora sector, claiming that it was on a spying mission. One of the passengers killed was the wife of Starfleet Captain Androvar Drake. He pursued the ships, and managed to destroy one of them. When the Organians ended the war, Drake blamed Kirk for getting them involved and preventing him from taking his revenge. (TOS novel: The Ashes of Eden)

A cease fire was in effect prior to the official signing of the treaty. During this period, an incident occurred on the Federation mining colony of Angrena which resulted in a reprimand for Kirk and execution for Klingon Commander Kring. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Art of War")

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