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Publisher's description

Assembled as a Special Exhibit on Memory Alpha, Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

This unprecedented illustrated volume chronicles the pivotal era leading up to Humankind's first contact with Vulcan in 2063, the Romulan War in 2156, the creation of the Federation in 2161, and the first 150 years of the intergalactic democracy up until the year 2311. Meticulously researched, this account covers a multitude of alien species, decisive battles, and the technology that made the Age of Exploration possible. It includes field sketches, illustrations, and reproductions of historic pieces of art from across the Galaxy, along with over fifty excerpts from key Federation documents and correspondence, Starfleet records, and intergalactic intelligence.

Housed in a pedestal display complete with lights and an audio introduction by Admiral Hikaru Sulu, this deluxe edition also features five removable documents from the Federation Archives, including Zefram Cochrane's early sketch of the warp drive engine, a handwritten letter from young Jim Kirk, and the first-known diagram of a Trill symbiont.



Robert AprilAyelborneAzetbur, daughter of GorkonZefram CochraneRichard C. DatinCurzon DaxAvram GardnerGileusDavid A. GoodmanWalter M. JefferiesVolmer JensenMel KeysAurelan KirkJames T. KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.Lawrence MarvickNorvo OdanSamuel Solomon QasrRa-ghoratreiiVern SionHikaru SuluSurakValcavSolkarJohn GillKhan Noonien SinghSarah Jane SmithChao JyalinLin HaurVictor BergmanLee KuanLily SloaneLe YuSyranPhilip GreenFrank ChristopherMatthew RootSarekDavida RossiAndrew Paul MitchellHenry ArcherJonathan ArcherV'LasZebulon CarterSovalNathan SamuelsNixonCarol MarcusDavid MarcusHiram RothNanclusKamaragKangKolothChangKenkB'rakGorkonAmanda GraysonSpockChristopher PikeLaura MogelLance CartwrightWilliam SmillieLeonard McCoyGeorge Samuel Kirk, Sr.Winona KirkMatthew DeckerKevin ReillyKodosSeth RivelThomas LeightonSarah PooleKristof BlaqueOrakGarth of IzarAleek OmStephen Garrovick"Arne Darvin"Lloyd AldenVarus IIIPardekRichard MooreKlaangMaxwell ForrestKotaro TasakiTalia Rose FelsonEmory EricksonJesse CochraneHilde CochraneMatthew JeffriesT'PolKahlessT'JanThorisMindarBran StilesErika HernandezBryce ShumarRick StilesRiversGannet BrooksRafael DouglasT'PekPhyllis StilesAndre StilesTerry StilesSkonT'PauTalJ.G. RobinsonJ'AcovDegraJohn Frederick PaxtonBernard MaltuvisTitus OleetKlaar


Alpha QuadrantAndorAxanarEarth (Bozeman, MontanaPacific Palisades, CaliforniaParis, FranceSan Francisco, North America) • Memory AlphaProxima CentauriSector 001Starbase 1TellarTomedVulcangalaxyNorth AmericaSouth AmericaCentral AmericaAustraliaNew ZealandAsiaMiddle EastHall of the Federation CouncilJiquan Satellite BaseGobi DesertChinaMarsAsteroid beltUnited StatesSouth PoleManhattanUnited Nations HeadquartersPresidioForgeNew New YorkUtopia Planitia shipyard61 Cygni A • Terra NovamoonVega ColonyTenebiaTrilias PrimeAlpha Centauri systemProxima CentauriWeytahnNeutral ZoneCeti Alpha VMutara NebulaGenesis PlanetQo'noSKorvat ColonyPraxisBeta QuadrantEminiar VIIZeonEkosBeta IIIMelkotiaVulcan EmbassyRomulan State MuseumRura PentheKhitomerNeutral ZoneIowaStarfleet Academy LibraryNew ChicagoLondonQuahogTitan Maximum ColonySunnydaleBostonTarsus IVNew RochelleVulcan Science Academy LibraryDisputed AreaCoridanTalos IVProximaCheronChicagoNew University of ChicagoAlgeronGamma HydraRomulusGalorndon CoreBetreka NebulaDenobulaSolCeresVenusP'JemDelphic ExpanseXantorasXindusUnroth IIIBetazedDilithium Crescent

Starships and vehicles

Earth/Federation ships

USS Archon (Daedalus-class) • USS Atlantis (NX-class) • Baton Rouge-classSS Botany Bay (DY-100-class) • Charybdis (BBI 103 class) • Columbia (NX-class) • SS ColumbiaSS ConestogaUSS Constellation (NX-class) • Daedalus-classUSS Daedalus (Daedalus-class) • USS Defiant (NX-class) • (USS Defiant) (Constitution-class) • DY-100-class • Einstein-classEnterprise (NX-01) (NX-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Essex (Daedalus-class) • Excalibur (NX-class) • USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • USS FarragutFortunate SonUSS Gates (Einstein-class) • USS Horizon (Daedalus-class) • SS Intrepid (Intrepid-class) • J classUSS Kelvin (Einstein-class) • USS Lexington (NX-class) • ECS North StarPhoenixUSS Reliant (Miranda-class) • USS RepublicUSS Rochelle (Daedalus-class) • SS ValiantUSS Valiant (Daedalus-class) • Y classUSS Yorktown

other Federation members' ships

Denobulan freighterDenobulan warshipKumari-classT'Plana-HathT'Plana Hath class

Romulan ships

ChR Algeron (Vas Hatham-class) • ChR Apnex (Romulan warbird) • ChR ch'Rihan (Romulan warbird) • ChR Chulan (Romulan warbird) • ChR Gal Ga'thong (Romulan warbird) • ChR Koto (Romulan warbird) • ChR Pensho (Romulan warbird) • ChR Rateg (Romulan warbird) • Romulan bird-of-preyRomulan warbird

Other ships

IKS B'rel (B'rel-class) • Warp five ship • Warp seven ship


AndorianHumanKlingonOrganianRomulanTellariteTrillTrill symbiontVulcankrenchaEfrosianTalosianAurelianSulibanDenobulanCheronian

States and organizations

Assembly of the Trill RepublicCouncil of the United Federation of PlanetsFederation CouncilHigh Council of the Klingon EmpireKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyUnited Federation of PlanetsWarp 5 ComplexAmerican EmpireEastern CoalitionStarfleetAnderson Space CommandUniversity of ChicagoEuropean HegemonyVulcan High CommandVulcan Science AcademyWestern AllianceWorld Medical OrganizationAllied CommandTrade Council of EarthUnited EarthEarth Cargo ServiceState University of New York at AlbanyVulcan Diplomatic CorpsCoalition of PlanetsAmerican Continent InstituteKlingon Ministry of IntelligenceKlingon Secret Service OperationsFederation Diplomatic CorpsSenateInter-Species Medical ExchangeUnited Earth Information ServiceUnited Earth CouncilTal Shi'ar



A Beaming Parent: How My Father's Invention Changed Space TravelFirst Captain: A Biography of Jonathan ArcherThe Founding: First Days of FederationHodgkin's Law: How Termites Explained the GalaxyOfficial History of Starfleet AcademyOfficial Biography of James T. Kirk


DNAEarth-Romulan Warquantum datingFirst Contact DayEugenics WarsWorld War IIIanti-matterDestruction of PraxisDilithium crystalManhattan ProjectTreaty of San FranciscoFederation CharterwarpGolden Gate BridgeNew New York TimesNew York TimesSatanHalloweenKatric ArkSubspace radioInterstellar Commerce Act of 2068Great ExperimentConstitutionBoomersWarp 5 engineAlbany Times-UnionrefrigeratorjanitorClass-MOrganian Peace TreatyCommodoreStardateKlingon chancellorFederation president225022nd centuryBabel Conference of 2268Coridan Admission Act of 2268GovernorAdmiralfirst officer2230Starfleet Commander--in-ChiefGeneral Order 7General Order 6Undersecretary for Agricultural Affairsfleet captainsenatorambassador"magnetic space storm"Bat'lethD'k tahgClarke's diseaseNX programLCARSbananaJesse and Hilde Cochrane Fellowshipmolecular transportSub-commanderUniversal translatorPrime Directive • hand phaserphase pistol



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