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Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va (also known under the code name of Alpha One) was the capital city and primary population center of the Humans on the planet Torgu-Va.


The city was built by the 700 surviving USS Verdun crewmembers (called the "Elder Ones" by their descendents) after they landed on Torgu-Va in the 22nd century. They found that the surface of the planet was hot and had high surface radiation. These conditions existed even in the southern polar regions where they had landed. Commodore Lucian Murat had the crew start digging habitats underground. This led to the start of what the survivors called the Battle Station. Even by the year 2367, all members of the city population took one day out of the week for digging duty.

Also in 2367 Tarn forces had detonated an atomic weapon on the surface above the city. This attack killed 500 people, including Alissia Murat.


The primary entrances into the city are protected by a series of underground mazes that are designed to trap invaders under openings used to drop acid or boiling water from geothermal springs on invaders. There were also a series of steel blast doors. Radar units were controlled from several stations within the city.

Climat and Inhabitants

The inhabitants of the city lived in various apartments that were dug into the walls. Each apartment was marked with a plaque identifying the family, including position, ranks, awards and number of kills.

Besides the Garthin cactus grown on the surface, food for the inhabitants was harvested from caverns beneath the city. Power was generated from geothermal springs. Ventilation units could be used to bring fresh air to the city. There were also hospitals, manufacturing facilities and common areas including a central plaza. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)