The Federation Displaced Persons Agency (DPA for short) was an organization in the United Federation of Planets government responsible for aiding and relocating refugees and others who had lost their homeworlds. It had its headquarters in city of Paris on Earth, and also operated a youth community home in Ho Chi Minh City. The Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs oversaw the Agency.

After being discovered alone on Alpha Onias III, Barash was taken by Commander William Riker of the USS Enterprise-D to the DPA office on Starbase 718. He eventually grew up to become a director of the agency. In 2381, in the wake of the Borg Invasion, the DPA initiated an investigation of refugee conditions on Pacifica. Unfortunately, their limited resources did not allow them to help relieve the pressures being exerted on that world. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

In 2386, the BIA assigned the Bureau to meet with Weyoun and several former citizens of the Dominion, who were requesting political asylum. (DS9 novel: The Long Mirage)

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