A Federation High Commission was a special inquiry conducted by the United Federation of Planets government, with its members appointed to investigate an important issue.

When Human and Andorian colonists on Beta VI accused the existing Orion inhabitants of "chronic criminal activity and corruption" and demanded that the Federation remove them on reference stardate 1/2701.14 (circa 2201), the Botchok Planetary Congress, the government of the Orion homeworld of Botchok, insisted on the appointment of a High Commission to investigate. However, the High Commission supported the Federation colonists' case. The incensed Orions left without paying their bills, draining 21.32 million credits from Beta VI's economy, as well as the costs of relocating them in the first place.

A supposed secret High Commission produced the notorious Ethan Report, which discussed ongoing problems with enforcing Federation law on Orions and dealing with the Botchok Planetary Congress. The Ethan Report recommended a policy of "containment" to limit Orion influence in the Federation, and its harsh language was insulting to the Orions. On reference stardate 1/3611.20 (c. 2209) the Ethan Report was leaked to the public through Botchok. The report was a scandal for the Federation, but deeply offended many Orions, who considered it akin to a declaration of war. Federation–Orion relations plummeted to their lowest point yet (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

Given the close dates and similar topics of investigation, these may the same or related commissions.
The Rigel Demilitarized Zone Commission might also be a Federation High Commission.
A Federation High Commission is apparently different in scope and powers from a Federation High Commissioner, which is a diplomatic role closest to the real-world High Commissioner.

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