The Federation News Network was a news and information organization operating in the United Federation of Planets, beginning as early as the 2260s.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the USS Lovell's mission to Outpost 5 in 2264, Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott noted that the work of the Corps of Engineers was rarely featured on the Federation News Network, but that they did deserve greater recognition. (SCE eBook: Foundations, Book One)

In 2385, on First Contact Day, the FNN broadcast footage of the devastating attack on Mars by "rogue synths". (ST episode: "Children of Mars")

In 2388 (on stardate 65776.64), the Federation News Network reported that the Vulcan Science Academy knew of the threat posed by the Hobus supernova to Romulus, but refused to assist the Romulans in preventing their planet's destruction. This resulted in the widespread condemnation of Vulcan, with numerous planets recalling their ambassadors to Vulcan. Two days later, the Federation Council voted to open an investigation into Vulcan's inaction, and the Academy's work with red matter. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2399, retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard agreed to a interview at Chateau Picard with Richter who agreed not discuss the Admiral's departure from Starfleet. Richter pushed for questions about the Romulan supernova and the synthetic attack on mars.(PIC episode: "Remembrance")

Apela Luss worked for the network in 2401 and reported on the Klingon-Gorn War. Sona of Vulcan discussed the Archanis sector fight with the network in 2406. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

The Federation News Network is apparently a distinct organization from the Federation News Service.
See also: Federation Newsnet.

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