The Security Council is a 13-member committee of the Federation Council that has authority over issues of Federation security. The councillors from the five founding Members of the UFP, United Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, the Andorian Empire, and Alpha Centaury, are always assigned to the Security Council, while the remaining eight -- the "back eight," as they are informally known -- councillors are nominated by the president and confirmed to the committee by the full Council on a case-by-case basis.

In late 2380, the Security Council consisted of the councillors from the following worlds:

Earth (Matthew Mazibuko) Vulcan (T'Latrek) Andor (Kellerasana zh'Faila) Tellar (Bera chim Gleer) Alpha Centauri (Huang Chaoying) Bajor (Krim Aldos) Cait (Dynkorra M'Relle) Damiano (Ra'ch B'ullhy) Gnala (Gorus Gelemingar) Huanni (Corices) Rigel (Tomorok) Sulamid Zakdorn

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