Federation Starfleet ranks in the 2160s.


These rank insignias were used on the first Federation Starfleet uniforms after its founding in 2161.

Sleeve and epaulet stripe insigniaEdit

(sleeve and epaulet insignia)
command division sciences division operations division
and other ops branches
security branch
officer ranks
ensign Cmd ens 2160s Sci ens 2160s Eng-ops ens 2160s Sec ens 2160s
lieutenant Cmd lt 2160s Sci lt 2160s Eng-ops lt 2160s Sec lt 2160s
lieutenant commander Cmd ltcmr 2160s Sci ltcmr 2160s Eng-ops ltcmr 2160s Sec ltcmr 2160s
commander Cmd cmr 2160s Sci cmr 2160s Eng-ops cmr 2160s Sec cmr 2160s
captain Cmd capt 2160s Sci capt 2160s Eng-ops capt 2160s Sec capt 2160s
flag officer ranks
admiral Cmd amd 2160s Sci adm 2160s Eng-ops adm 2160s Sec adm 2160s



These insignias are described in Christopher L. Bennett's Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures novel.


Federation Starfleet rank eras
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