Commodore Strickland

A command division commodore wearing flag officer sleeve stripe insignia.

Federation Starfleet ranks in the 2240s, 2250s and early 2260s were rank insignia displayed on the Starfleet uniform of the time, a uniform that was in use around the same time period.

Sleeve stripe insigniaEdit

These rank insignia began to be used around the turn of the 2240s decade, and lasted until the mid 2260s.

These insignia were only seen in canon a handful of times, in TOS episodes: "The Cage", "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and Charlie X. In publicity photos for The Original Series, these typical stripe insignia were seen on the later black-collared uniform design, indicating that some variations of these insignia were used after the previous uniform discontinued. However, the 2260s style-ranks were seen or recognized as uniform insignia as early as the 2250s, indicating a period when the two styles were both in coexistence.
enlisted uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division[1] operations division[2] sciences division[3] gray uniforms
service jacket
(all divisions)
cadet/trainee 2240s cadet sleeve[4]
enlisted/general wear 2250s conn sleeve[5] 2250s cmd green sleeve[6] 2250s ops sleeve[7] 2260s ops sleeve[6] 2250s sci sleeve[8] Gray sleeve 2250s enlisted jacket[9]
chief 2250s conn chief sleeve[6] 2250s cmd green chief sleeve[6] 2250s ops chief sleeve[10] 2250s red ops chief sleeve[6] 2250s sci chief sleeve[6] Gray chief sleeve 2250s officer jacket[9]
officer's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division[1] operations division[2] sciences division[3] gray uniforms
service jacket
(all divisions)
ensign 2250s conn sleeve[11] 2250s cmd green sleeve[6] 2250s ops sleeve[7] 2260s ops sleeve 2250s sci sleeve[8] Gray sleeve 2250s officer jacket[9]
officer 2250s conn officer sleeve[12] 2250s cmd green officer sleeve[6] 2250s ops officer sleeve[13] 2250s red ops sleeve[6] 2250s sci officer sleeve[14] Gray officer sleeve
captain 2250s conn captain sleeve[15] 2250s cmd green capt sleeve[6] 2250s ops captain sleeve[16] 2250s red ops capt sleeve[6] 2250s sci captain sleeve[6] Gray capt sleeve
flag officer's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division operations division sciences division gray uniforms
service jacket
(all divisions)
all flag officer grade 2250s conn admiral sleeve[17] 2250s cmd green adm sleeve[18] 2250s ops admiral sleeve[6] 2250s red ops adm sleeve[6] 2250s sci admiral sleeve[6] Gray flag sleeve 2250s officer jacket[9]

Badge insigniaEdit

The badge insignia was used on uniforms as early as 2249 and remained in use at least until 2257. Several ships such as the USS Shenzhou, USS Yeager, and USS Discovery used the insignia. (DSC episode: "The Vulcan Hello")

duty uniforms
grade (badge insignia) command division sciences division operations division
scientific branch medical branch
cadet's uniform
Discovery Cadet Medical Freshman
Discovery Cadet Operations Freshman
Discovery Cadet Medical Sophomore
Discovery Cadet Operations Sophomore
cadet/junior cadet
Discovery Cadet Medical Junior
Discovery Cadet Operations Junior
cadet/senior cadet
Shenzou discovery CDT 1st insignia
Discovery Cadet Medical Senior
enlisted uniform
general wear
Shenzou discovery CREW insignia
DIS sci basic insignia
DIS med basic insignia
DIS ops basic insignia
line officer's uniform
Shenzou discovery ENS insignia
DIS sci ens insignia
DIS med ens insignia
DIS ops ens insignia
lieutenant junior grade
Shenzou discovery LT JG insignia
DIS sci lt jg insignia
DIS med lt jg insignia
DIS ops lt jg insignia
Shenzou discovery Lt insignia
DIS sci lt insignia
DIS med lt insignia
DIS ops lt insignia
lieutenant commander
Shenzou discovery Lt Cmdr insignia
DIS sci lt cmdr insignia
DIS med lt cmdr insignia
DIS ops lt cmdr insignia
Shenzou discovery Cmdr insignia
DIS sci cmdr insignia
DIS med cmdr insignia
DIS ops cmdr insignia
Shenzou discovery capt insignia
DIS sci capt insignia
DIS med capt insignia
DIS ops capt insignia
flag officer's uniform
rear admiral
DIS rear adm insignia
vice admiral
DIS vice adm insignia
DIS adm insignia



The sleeve stripe insignia used in TOS were very vague, as they did not differentiate between officers of different grades. Additionally, some senior personnel (such as Christopher Pike and Charles Rasmussen) were sometimes shown with lower-rank officer insignia.


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