In 2386, a new Starfleet uniform was introduced (see the Starfleet uniform 2386-2409). This uniform style represented a return by Starfleet to a brighter, more noticable uniform following the more understated gray-shouldered black uniforms in use from the beginning of the Dominion War.

Although the new uniform resembled a variant style of the 2360s uniform, with division color around the yoke and shoulders, the new uniforms do not feature an undershirt collar for placement of rank insignia. Instead, insignia showing rank are placed on a lapel on the right breast. The new square ranking pins use the same general arrangements as the previous designs to show rank. (ST comic: "Countdown"; ST video game: Star Trek Online)

general wear
command division operations division sciences division
enlisted/general wear Red 2400s Yel 2400s Blu 2400s
line officers
command division operations division sciences division
ensign Red Ens 2400s Yel Ens 2400s Blu Ens 2400s
lieutenant junior grade Red Ltjg 2400s Yel Ltjg 2400s Blu Ltjg 2400s
lieutenant Red Lt 2400s Yel Lt 2400s Blu Lt 2400s
lieutenant commander Red Lcdr 2400s Yel Lcdr 2400s Blu Lcdr 2400s
commander Red Cmdr 2400s Yel Cmdr 2400s Blu Cmdr 2400s
captain Red Capt 2400s[1] Yel Capt 2400s Blu Capt 2400s
flag officers
command division operations division sciences division
rear admiral (one star) Red RADM1 2400s Yel RADM1 2400s Blu RADM1 2400s
rear admiral upper half Red RADM2 2400s Yel RADM2 2400s Blu RADM2 2400s
vice admiral Red VADM 2400s Yel VADM 2400s Blu VADM 2400s
admiral Red 4ADM 2400s Yel 4ADM 2400s Blu 4ADM 2400s
fleet admiral Red FADM 2400s[2] Yel FADM 2400s[3] Blu FADM 2400s



Federation Starfleet rank eras
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