By the 29th century, the style of uniforms had changed from the variety used in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries. Instead of the bright reds, blues and golds of previous uniforms, the new division colors were royal blue (command division), maroon brown (operations division) and olive gray (sciences division). (VOY episode: "Relativity"; NF comic: "Double Time")

command division operations division sciences division
general wear/basic crewman 2800s cmd basic[1] 2800s ops basic[2] 2800s sci basic[1]
command division operations division sciences division
ensign 2800s cmd ens[1] 2800s ops ens[1] 2800s sci ens[1]
lieutenant 2800s cmd lt[1] 2800s ops lt[1] 2800s sci lt[3]
commander 2800s cmd cmdr[4] 2800s ops cmdr[1] 2800s sci cmdr[1]
captain 2800s cmd capt[5] 2800s ops capt[1] 2800s sci capt[1]
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